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Hummus Goodness
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Hummus Goodness
It's time for a better hummus
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Artisanal Flavors

Hand Crafted


Welcome to Hummus Goodness!

Hummus Goodness is a Michigan-based company focused on gourmet flavored, freshly made hummus using only the freshest ingredients and sustainable produce! From non-GMO chickpeas and tahini to fresh beets, bell peppers and basil, Hummus Goodness makes the best and most exotic hummus you’ll ever eat!

We NEVER use citric acid, vegetable/soybean/sunflower oil, or preservatives like potassium sorbate.

It’s time for a better hummus.

Store Locator

Hummus Goodness is available at select retailers but we are working hard to Spread the Goodness everywhere!

Do you want Hummus Goodness available at your favorite store? Send us a message and let us know where we should go next!

Holiday Market Select

1740 W Maple Rd Birmingham, MI 48009

The Office Coffee Shop

402 S Lafayette Royal Oak, MI 48067

Fresh Ingredients

No Preservatives

Bold Flavors

Hummus Goodness starts with a simple blend of NON-GMO garbanzo beans, tahini, garlic, olive oil, organic lemon juice, salt and cumin. It’s the classic hummus we all love. But that’s where Hummus Goodness takes a wild spin! We add freshly roasted and prepared flavors, like Roasted Beets and Carrots, Roasted Garlic & Balsamic Glazed Red Onions, homemade Basil Pesto and Harissa for an addictively delicious hummus dip!

The Word on the Street

My love for hummus began when I lived in Shanghai and opened the Hummus House. Less than a year later I moved to Michigan but I did not plan to to sell hummus here because there are already so many hummus companies. But after my friends and family tried my hummus (and fell in love with it) they encouraged me to restart my business. 

“I want to lick the bowl!” 

“Can I swim in this??”

These are the reactions I received when people tried my hummus and it’s what sets Hummus Goodness apart! New, unique, global flavors and combinations that makes ordinary hummus, extraordinary!

I’ve never been much of a hummus lover because I’m used to eating the hummus from large mass produced suppliers at the grocery stores but I came across Hanady’s hummus, my mind was blown! And my tastebuds! Thank you for making amazing hummus! You’ve made me a believer! - Gloria Lee

You have opened my eyes and tastes to a whole new experience. - Jame Safiane

Be warned… you may become a hummus addict! - Susan Clift

Hanady’s hummus is amazing! I come from a Lebanese family, so I grew up on homemade hummus. I can make it at home myself, but with Hanady’s fresh, homemade, interesting hummus, I’d rather buy it from her. You can really taste the freshness of the ingredients. I can’t say enough about Hanady’s hummus- except that I’m hooked!! - Karrie Millet

I am so in love with it! - Yen

You have revolutionized hummus for me! I love to try out the weekly specials where you mix in flavors I never imagined in hummus! And they’re all so delicious! - Christina Freddie

The Origins of Hummus Goodness

Hummus Goodness began an ocean away on the continent of Asia, in the country of China, in the city of Shanghai. There, Hummus Goodness was known as Hummus House, which opened in August 2017 founded by me - Hanady Awada. Hummus House revolutionized traditional hummus with gourmet flavors. The goal was to grow a small home business into a cafe in the biggest city in the world. But that dream was cut short when the Awada family moved to metro Detroit 9 months later in June 2018.

While I had to say good-bye to Hummus House, I refused to say good-bye to my dream of bringing incredibly tasty and freshly made gourmet flavors of hummus to everyone I meet. In 2019, Hummus House transformed into Hummus Goodness, but don’t worry- the recipes are the same, the ingredients are still of the highest quality and of course each container is made with love and passion!

Overall the way you combined different spices with your hummus is very innovative.


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If you’re ready to try the best hummus you’ll ever eat let us know! Email us to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at Hummus Goodness.

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Phone: (248) 229-9606